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2022 Board of Directors Nominations

It’s that time again! Just like every year three of our nine board of directors’ positions are up for election. Think you have what it takes to keep the club on track? Find two other members that agree and get nominated. Nominations due by 9/1/22. https://ccrscca.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/CCRDirectorNominationForm2022.doc

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SCCA?

The Sports Car Club of America is a national organization founded in 1944 for auto enthusiast. It sanctions hundreds of events each year all across the country in various disciplines including Professional Racing, Club Racing, Autocross, Rallycross and Time Trials. Some of the best racers like Randy Pobst got their start in the SCCA and still race with us.

What is CCR?

Central Carolinas Region is one of the 115 regions within the Sports Car Club of America. We’re a member-run organization that’s been bringing together car enthusiasts and organizing races in various disciplines since 1960. We cover all of the western portions of North & South Carolina. For more, check out About Us

I wanna go fast! Where do I start?

If you’ve never raced.. then you’ll probably want to start out with Autocross. Autocross is the safest & cheapest form of competitive motorsports. All you need is a car… and if you ask nicely, you can probably snag a ride in someone else’s to see what it’s all about. CCR makes getting into Autocross easy. We have loaner helmets at all events and you can join our Novice Class and have an experienced driver ride along with you to give you some pointers or even drive your car to show you what it’s capable of. We typically have around 12 events a year and conduct a novice school in the spring. It’s free to come out and watch so you have no excuses not to go fast!

What’s the difference between Autocross and Solo?

Nothing. Autocross is the generic term and Solo is the brand that the SCCA uses. In conversation you’ll hear Autocross and on official items from the SCCA you’ll see Solo.

What kind of vehicle do I need for Autocross?

Pretty much any car is legal for autocrossing, convertibles included. The only restrictions tend to be with vehicles that are tall and have a high center of gravity. If you want to verify if your car is valid. Post a question to us or check out the official SCCA rules to see if your car is in the listings of legal vehicles.

Also note that all vehicles must complete a pre-race technical inspection that covers basics like having your battery securely fastened, having wheels firmly attached other safety items like seat belts, and brakes. For details on what is checked, read this: Vehicle & Helmet Requirements

What class is my car in?

That question is pretty simple if your car is stock but aftermarket modifications complicate things quickly. Check out our Car Classing Guide for a high level overview and what to do if you need help figuring it out. The most common question for people starting Autocross and bringing in a vehicle they’ve already modified: “Is My Car In Street Class?”. We try to give a high level answer in a section called Is My Car In Street?

What type of helmet do I need and do I need my own?

CCR has loaner helmets available, we ask that if you do borrow a helmet that you please return them after you take your run, since we have a limited number available. If you’ve decided it’s time to get your own, check out the requirements here: Vehicle & Helmet Requirements

Why do the events have such odd names?

We’re kind of an odd bunch.

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