Why no Historic Sports Car (HCS) class?

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      SCCA nationally has recognized Historic Sports Car as a class (two really, both street and race) for several years now for regional competition.  Yet, still, no sign of it’s implementation in our region.  I brought this up in this forum well over a year ago and heard… well… crickets!    I know that I’m usually the only one out there in a qualifying car (my green TR3) but I always hear from fellow competitors that they, or someone they know, has an old sports car that they would enjoy throwing around an autocross course.  I’m not suggesting that the acceptance of HSC would create a huge groundswell of classic car participation, like we see in CAM-T, but there may be some people out there that might join us if they perceive a more receptive class in which to compete.

      As things now stand, the only class open for the typical street driven vintage sports car is FSP… a class open to many fairly modern, light vehicles, heavily modified and running steamroller DOT slicks.  There is really no street tire class available for modified vintage sports cars.  So, my competition would be the Lambobunny?  I just looked up the 2018 PAX numbers for HCS (.791) vs. for FSP (.819).  On a 60 sec. run, that would result in a net difference of an adjusted time of 47.46 instead of 49.14 seconds.  That might just be enough to make my old TR3 a viable alternative to my Mini Cooper S in the Masters class.  And I know I have more fun in the Triumph!

      Even if we don’t create a separate class to run, maybe it can be used to allow for inclusion in one of the combined PAX classes we now run (like ST and Masters).  No need for another Open class… not looking for another “participation” trophy… just a fairer shake based on the car’s real world capabilities.  Who knows?  Maybe it’ll be a case of “build it, and they will come”!

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