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      Hi.  I recently moved here from Arizona, and I very much enjoyed participating in your last (airplane!) autocross and hope to attend the next as well.  I really enjoy throwing around my old Triumph TR3, but as with almost every other old British car out there it has some modifications which force it out of the stock (Street) class.  It, like the TR6 someone else asked about a few months ago, get bumped into FSP, a non-street tired, high level prep class where we have no chance of being competitive.  Now, I come out for the fun of it, and usually just end up comparing how I did in the overall standings, but the “PAX” adjustment just doesn’t really level the field for a 60 year old car.  Of course, finishing 187th out of 214 cars means I still outran 27 much newer cars!  Still, SCCA DID create the Historic Sports Car class (HCS) as a local level class to encourage owners of older, no longer competitive sports cars to have a place to play with our updated or modified street toys, on street tires, with a fair(er) PAX adjustment. The Arizona Region added it when it was proposed.  I think there might just be a fair number of MG, Alfa, Fiat, and Triumph owners here in the Charlotte area who would enjoy the opportunity  to share in the competitive experience of autocross within a class adjusted to their real-world capabilities.  In the mean time, I guess I’ll bring out my ’06 MINI Cooper S JCW…

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