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    New to the whole Time Trial thing and am curious on classing.  I cant find much on the SCCA site about this except Street Prepared classes and another Street modified I believe.  I run CAM class for SOLO and do have a 4 point roll bar which is seems is adequate but there is hardly any mention of different classes. Any input?

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    Casey Stallings

    You won’t find much info on TT from scca nationally because rules and classing are handled by division. is where you should focus your attention and you’ll probably find answers there.

    With a four point roll bar you’ll want to remain in a solo class. SU is the catch-all for cars that don’t fit in another SP class and you would most likely be safe there.

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    Steve Eckerich

    Casey is correct, all the roll bar and other requirements for TT and Hillclimbs are on the Southeast Division Time Trial site. This gets scattered all over as people share without responses so lets post it here. Street Prepared and Street Modified classes as listed in the TT rules allow cars to run with a Roll Bar to the specs listed in the rules. Four point with a diagonal either in the main hoop or to the rear down bar are accepted. 5 point harness set in good condition (not faded or torn), 2 pound fire bottle in metal bracket, and required driver safety gear. SA 2010 or newer helmet and a SFI 3-2A/5 suit with no nomex underwear, or SFI 3 2A/1 with nomex. Most of the used crew suits from pro series are this spec. Any leather shoe is acceptable for driving with nomex socks. If you have facial hair a nomex Balaclave (headsock) is required. Highly recommended as it is much easier to wash sweat from the sock then your helmet. SFI driver gloves, but any all leather glove will do. We have suits for loan through our second gear program in SEDIV so do not let the cost of the safety gear keep you from running. All you have to have of your own is the helmet, we do not loan those. You must make arrangements in advance to borrow a suit as all are on a first come basis. This is also a Novice event so you can do the self filed physical and Novice application and you are ready to go.

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    Wes Herron

    Thanks Steve… I’ll plan to put a page out on the site with this information… I got another question through the site this week on cage/roll bars. It’s quite a common one

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    Steve Eckerich

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