Time Trials

Club Trials

When you’re ready to race against the clock, Time Trials is the next stek. They come in a couple of different levels. Starting off there are Club Trials which are like Performance Driving Experience events with a stopwatch. Street cars and novice racers are still allowed at these events. Club Trials build on the instruction you received in the PDE while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against time. Competition classes are formed (with both street and fully-prepared race cars), and winners are decided by fastest time around the course. Club Trials is your first real taste of Motorsports competition and is the perfect appetizer before you move to Track Trials and Hill Climbs, the main courses of the Time Trials program.

2017 SCCA Club Trials Rules

Track Trials

Street cars no longer cut it at Track Trials. Cars must be prepped to a higher level as speeds and intensity levels are higher. The tier-three program offers closed-course track time, with competitions again decided by fastest time around the course.

2017 SCCA Track Trial Rules