New Site Launched!

I want to welcome everyone to CCR’s new website. Those who have been with the club know it’s been an area sorely lacking for quite some time. This new iteration has been in the planning for almost a year and has been many months in the making. Hopefully it meets our needs for some time to come. I’m happy to be able to contribute something to the club.

I’m sure the content will get beefed up in areas as we now have a place to actually put it. If you see anywhere the site is lacking and want to contribute something, by all means let me know. Right now there aren’t many forums because I don’t really know what we’ll need until we need them and I don’t want a ton of empty ones. Let me know if you feel like a new one is needed. Suggestions can be made directly to me or posted into this specific forum: Feature Requests and Site Questions

I’ve tried to provide some level of social networking here that may ultimately go unused but I’d rather provide tools and see what happens than not have the capability. To read up on some of what’s possible, check out Social Networking Abilities.

If you need to get in touch with me… you can private message me with some of those new social networking abilities… or email me at Thanks for being here!

-Wes Herron

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