Board of Directors Elections


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Voting is only available to current members of CCR. Ballots will be accepted thru 12/31/18.


Cyndi Duckworth (incumbent)
My name is Cyndi Duckworth and I am rerunning for the board of directors.I have been a member of CCR for over 7 years now and I currently compete in our solo program.  I am currently the Solo Chair and my responsibilities include running registration,  maintaining our memberships, keeping the finances of the solo program and basically keeping the solo program running as a whole. I have been a 3 time solo worker of the year,  a ccr member of the year and a Alton Long award winner.
If elected I would continue to support and grow our solo program.  I will also continue to support the other racing aspects of the club in working timing and registration at our other events. I hold a Divisional timing and scoring license.
I encourage everyone to vote. We have a great club and our current board are committed to making all our programs a fun and positive experience

Joshua Elks
My name is Joshua, or Josh…no preference. However, you more than likely know me as Frodo. Or if you don’t know me you have probably have at least heard of me. If not, then we’ll work on that. I started in with the the SCCA autocrossing back in 2010 in my rust plagued 1995 Acura Integra which died on me Like most other “broke” college student autocrossers I got a cheap and dependable commuter car (2006 Mazda3) to get around and race with. Ran that car in various classes for years and now have recently got into my own Miata. I’ve flagged/crewed road races and look forward to doing more of them. I’m also a Mazda Service Technician/Mechanic at Mazda of South Charlotte for five and a half years now. If I’m not dodging cones on the weekends, I’m probably at the Dragon enjoying the curves. I’m a pretty unfiltered and blunt person, so you’ll never not get the truth from me…sometimes harsh. Otherwise I’m told an eccentric and outgoing person and I look forward to helping the Club grow even more. I also like naps…like a lot.

Glenn Murphey
Started autox in Wichita Falls Tx in 1984 with Greg Amy, autocrossed steady until 1989 and retired until 1998. I started back with Gulf Coast Autocrossers in 1998 and was a member of the GCAC Board until 2003 when I relocated to SC.

In 2004 I joined Race Engineering as a crew member so I could gain seat time to get my long sought after Road Race license. During the first few years I was racing Solo 1 in the SE. I was Crew Chief of the year for CCR in 2006 after Bob won his second SARRC championship with me as Crew Chief. I received my National Comp license in 2006 as well and managed to get in several races before getting laid off in 2008.
In 2008 I started to crew for OPM and after relocating to MD in 2009, I was Meathead Racing Crew Chief for almost 8 years. In 2012 I started a Pro crew position with Freedom Autosports in Grand Am. I worked for 3 years with Freedom. In 2017 I started with LAP Motorsports (MINI) working all of the fly in races for the Continental Tire Championship. During the same season, I crewed for Pirelli World Challenge, RP Performance at Summit Point, as well as Planet Miata at numerous events, 27 weekends total in 2017, including the SCCA Runoffs.
For 2018 after relocating back to SC, I have reduced my commitments to strictly IMSA and afew SCCA races with SCCA.

2019 is an open book.

My diversified background makes me well suited to the needs of a diversified club. It’s not just solo, time trials, road racing or rally. Its a well balance mix that makes the Club a profit, and
provides the outlet to compete and learn to its members.
There are several ideas I have been kicking about to increase opportunities in the SE for the older Miatas. SSM is a very viable class with the potential for low budget equally prepped cars to race 30 and 50 cars deep. As a former SE crew dog and driver there used to be many 1.6 Cars at the races, these cars are still out there. For a start, let’s see if we can get them back to the track racing…and making the club money!

I look forward to working for the club as a returning member to SC

Bailey Sigler
I have been a member of SCCA and CCR since 2004 participating in many SCCA events both as a solo racer and in club racing events.  I began racing at the age of 12, first autocrossing go-karts and then auocrossing in a Miata.  I was able to qualify for a club racing novice permit at the age of 16 and began racing a Spec Miata in 2009.  After racing in my father’s Spec Miata and enjoying racing in that class I began saving and was able to invest in my own race car right after college.  In addition to racing in SCCA events I have instructed at the SCCA Driver’s School in Savannah and instructed PDX events at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I have developed numerous contacts in SCCA during my racing career and have been able to interact with members on trends in SCCA.

I graduated from UNC Charlotte with a degree in Business and Marketing.  I settled in Mooresville and am currently employed in the field of motorsports as the Vice President for Corporate Relations at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville.  In this position at the Motorplex I have been able to establish numerous contacts with others in the field and stay current with the dynamics of the motorsports industry.  With my background in marketing and branding serving on the Board of Directors for the Central Carolinas Region of SCCA would enable me to work to increase both participation in CCR events and to expand SCCA visibility in the area.  As Vice President at GoPro Motorplex I consistently receive input and consolidate information for effective outcomes. These same skills, as well as my knowledge of marketing and interaction with others in the motorsports industry, would enable me to serve members of CCR and further the work and presence of CCR in the motorsports community. I would welcome the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to work within the CCRframework.

Tony Wentworth (incumbent)
I joined CCR in May of 2002 to race in Time Trials and Hill Climbs. Later that year, I was nominated to fulfill an unexpired term on the board. I agreed to run for re-election for another 3 years. I have served on the board since then. During these years, I have chaired regional road races, time trial track events and hill climbs. In 2004 I was chosen to be secretary of the board. I served in that capacity until 2008 when I became treasurer. As treasurer my duties are numerous: pay the region’s bills, report on the financials at board meetings, see that we have insurance pay post event audits, pay taxes on our truck and trailers, see that our tax returns get done annually, make lodging arrangements for our various events, etc. I also hold several licenses within our club, as a driver and volunteer worker.
I’m the CCR representative on the Southeast Division Time Trials Committee. I’m the CCR Sound Control Chief and hold a national license for sound control.

I have served 5 terms on the board, which makes me the longest serving member of the board. I am running for another3 year term and would very much appreciate your vote!

Tony Wentworth