Scoring & Trophies

Event Trophies

Event Trophies

At each event... you will be racing against the other competitors in your class. For info on classing check out the Car Classing page. This tends to be pretty straight forward for most classes. Fastest time wins.

If you're racing in a PAX'ed class (Pro Street Tire, Pro Race Tire, Ladies, Masters or Rookie) then you are racing against everyone else in that class and you'll be ranked based on your PAX time... not Raw. Note that For 2017 onward until specified otherwise, the same will apply for Street Mod, Street Prepared & Modified as well.

The number of trophies handed out depends on the number of competitors that compete in each class.

Season Championships

At the conclusion of the season, trophies will be handed out for each class including the CCR specific regional classes (Pro Street Tire, Pro Race Tire, Ladies, Masters & Rookie). Again, the number of trophies will depend on the number of competitors throughout the season in each class. Season standings are based on the following calculation: (Fastest Driver's Time) / (Driver's Time) * 100

In other words... the fastest driver in a given class will get 100 points for that event. If the 2nd place driver's was 95% as fast as 1st place... then they'll get 95 points for that event. For example, if 1st place runs a 60.000 and 2nd place runs a 61.000, 1st place will receive 100 points and 2nd place will receive 98.36 points. At the end of the season, rankings are based on the sum of the points from each event after drops are taken out

Drops: You are allowed 3 drops for the season. These will be your lowest 3 scores or events you cannot attend. Since Rookie is only a 6 event season, you only get 1 drop.

In addition, season championships will be given out in the following grouped classes based on PAX:
  • Pro Street Tire
  • Pro Race Tire
  • Rookie
  • Ladies
  • Masters

For additional details on classes, check out our Car Classing Guide. Points for these grouped classes work the same as they do for individual classes except you're awarded points based on how you rank vs. the fastest driver based on relative PAX times, not raw times.

Championship Requirements

In order to be eligible for a season trophy, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a member of the SCCA.
  • If you join CCR / SCCA by the third event, any points earned during the first two events will be included in the championship points.
  • If you join CCR / SCCA after the third event, only points from event four onward are included.
  • You must compete in more than half of the CCR events in the same class to be eligible for the CCR Solo Championship. For a 10 event series, you have to compete in at least 6 events IN THE SAME CLASS.