Event Guide

Don’t Forget

  • Sunscreen: It is the Carolinas in summer after all
  • A Hat & Umbrella: See above
  • Bottled Water: We’ll have some too. It never hurts to have too much
  • Snacks: There’s no food vendors on site but you can leave to get food when you have a break
  • Wear layers in early and latter part of season
  • Camper Chair
Everyone is welcome to come out and watch an event. There’s no charge and it’s a great way to see what it’s all about. You will need to sign the SCCA waiver at the gate (see below) and get a wrist band. Also there are restrictions on where children can be during the event (see below).
Registration details will be found at www.motorsportreg.com approximately 2 weeks prior to each event.
It’s recommended to pre-register as soon as you can so we can get an accurate estimate on how many participants we’re going to have. If something comes up or you change your mind and can’t attend… you will not be charged for the event so there’s no risk in signing up early.
You can also just show up the day of the event and register on-site but there is an additional $5 fee.
For 2019, the following pricing structure will apply for standard point events

zMAX Single Day
$55 – SCCA Members
$75 – Non SCCA Members

zMAX 2 Days
$110 – SCCA Members
$150 – Non SCCA Members

Michelin Proving Grounds
$55 – SCCA Members
$75 – Non SCCA Members

You might find lower costs at other clubs at other sites but unfortunately large quality sites like zMAX don’t come cheaply. They also come with additional requirements like an ambulance and safety crew on site so we have to charge more than your typical parking lot. The upside is that our courses tend to be twice as long and the speeds are higher than you’ll see elsewhere. The site more accurately reflects what you’ll find at SCCA Nationals.

Arriving On Site - Gate Waivers
There are a couple of steps before you can pull into the site. If we’re at zMAX… then the first thing you’ll see is a security guard at the gate. Stop for them and sign their wavier. This is zMAX specific. After that you’ll see one or two people standing by with clipboards. Stop for them to sign the SCCA waiver. Everyone that enters the site must sign the SCCA waiver, even if you’re just coming to watch. You’ll be given a wrist band to wear. If you’re on site without a wrist band then you will be asked to sign the waiver. It’s a liability thing.
Arriving On Site - Registration & Tech
Once you’ve got your wrist band… find a parking spot. You need to go the trailer and register. If you’ve already paid on MotorsportsReg then this is a simple “Hey… I’m here”. If you haven’t prepaid, you’ll pay now and tell the registrar what color, model and class your car is and number you’ve chosen.

Once you’ve registered, you need to empty out all loose items in your vehicle and make sure your numbers and class are clearly labeled on the sides of the car. This can simply be painters tape. If you’re unsure of where technical inspection is, be sure to ask for directions at the registration trailer… but it should be pretty clear. Look for some lazy bums in orange vests and a line of vehicles. Drive through the tech line and be prepared to open your hood and trunk. More information on tech can be found here: Technical Inspection

Typical Schedule
Check each event’s info… but typically we’ll follow this schedule.

Gates Open: 6:30 AM

Registration: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM – $5.00 On-Site Registration Fee

Late Registration: 9:00 AM – 9:15 AM – $10.00 Late Registration Fee

Tech Inspection: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Novice Walks: 8:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:00 AM

Novice Meeting: 9:30 AM

Drivers Meeting: 9:45 AM

First Car Out: 10:15 AM

NOTE:NO entries will be accepted after 9:15.
Tech inspection after 9:15 at the discretion of the Chief of Tech.

Run Groups
At the drivers meeting, we’ll announce what the run groups are. These set which car classes will run in which heat. Typically we divide into 4 run groups. If you are racing in C-Street and CS is announced for run group 1, then you’ll be up first and will need to prep your car and bring it to grid in short-order. Then you will have run group 2 free. During this time you can leave the site to get food, hitch a ride with someone racing in run group 2… or simply watch the action. Then in run group 3, you’ll need to report to the Worker Chief to get your Work Assignment. Once you run group 3 finishes… you’ll have run group 4 free. You can stick around and watch the rest of the event and the trophy handouts, or you can leave. If you run in the 3rd group, you’ll work during group 1. If you run in 2nd group, you’ll work in the 4th and vice versa..
If You Race, You Work
Everyone who competes will also be given a work assignment. It’s important that everyone shows up on time for their assignment and there will be penalties for anyone who fails to show up for their worker shift. Check in with the Worker Chief to get your assignment. Read here for all about Work Assignments.
Event Conduct & Safety
Everyone on site must sign the SCCA waiver and have a wristband.
Safety must be the first priority for all participants. Anyone who is reckless or out of control while driving on course, purposefully or otherwise, will be removed from the event.
Any participant seen speeding or driving dangerously on or around the site shall be disqualified. While driving in paddock and grid areas, drive at a walking pace and keep your eyes open for distracted or oblivious pedestrians.
All participants must remove all trash from their areas.
Quality autocross sites are hard to come by so we have to avoid doing anything that might cause us to lose access to a site.
Children On Site
Unless otherwise stated in the event or location info, children are allowed on site. However children under twelve (12) years of age cannot be in the grid area once cars begin runs. Children who are riding as passengers and meet the requirements of 1.3.2.D are also exempt during the run group in which they are riding. As of 2017 those rules are essentially: 1) that the passenger must be 12 years old and at least 57″ tall. 2) In a vehicle which has passed safety (tech) inspection. 3) is wearing a properly fitted seat belt and a properly fitted helmet. 4) has completed and signed the required participant waiver(s), including
parents/guardians as appropriate (Section 4.13).

Drivers from five (5) to twelve (12) who are running Junior Karts are exempted during their run group. Junior Karts will typically be run first and no other vehicles can be in motion while they run.

Passenger Rules
Only one passenger allowed per vehicle and no one in the back seat.
A novice driver, a driver with less than one year of experience, is not allowed to have a passenger unless it is an instructor.
Passengers must be at least 12 years old, and any passenger younger than 18 must have the Minor Waiver form signed by both parents/guardians. The parent/legal guardian signatures must be witnessed by either the registrar at the event, a safety steward at the event, or the Event Chair. If the form is signed off site, then it must be notarized.
The purpose of passengers is to expose a potential participant to the sport. It is not meant to show off to a friend. Anyone abusing this system will no longer be able to give a ride.
Passengers must keep their hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times.
Autocrosses are run rain or shine… and racing in the wet can be a lot of fun. If there’s lightning we will need to pause the action for everyone’s safety. Events will not be canceled in advance due to a weather forecast unless there is a serious impending weather system like a hurricane.