A letter to our Autocrossers

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I take it as a compliment when people treat CCR as a business. It means we are conducting ourselves in a professional manor and providing something people value. That being said, if everyone showed up planning to take runs, shag cones, and leave we wouldn’t have events. There are numerous extra things that need to happen to allow these events to run. I encourage anyone with even just a few years experience to take a more active role in the club, even if you are only planning on attending some of our events. We really could use everyone’s help to keep our events running smooth; providing a fun, inviting, and educational experience to newcomers. All the positions below will include plenty of training and constant contact with someone you can bounce questions and ideas off. In an effort to keep the fun in this for everyone I want to make these roles less daunting of a responsibility. Only planning to make 3 or 4 events this year? No big deal, let’s find someone to cover the remaining events and split the season between two people. At the end of the day I don’t want anyone to get burnt out from their hobby, but that means everyone has to share the responsibility.

This one is for our early risers. Split between two shifts so there is still time to get course walks in, we are looking to get back to 2 registration computers plus card swiper for the second shift, since everyone shows up last minute. There will be training sessions to go over how to register cars as well as how to work the card swiper.

Waivers Chief
Again, a bit of a morning job. We could use someone to organize and document waivers. This includes working at least one of the two shifts in the morning as well as making sure all waiver pages are signed and processed per SCCA rules.

Novice Chief
We will be changing up the format for Novice chief a little this year. I would like to get to a point where each event has 3 novice chiefs. Each would be responsible for one novice walk and organizing instructors for one run group. Remember, the point of a novice chief isn’t to make a novice as fast as possible; it is to make sure they are having fun. The improvement will come with time. Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t in the top X percent in PAX. Often instruction for earlier novices consists of things as simple as hand position on the wheel and braking in a straight line.

Can you type fast? Do you want to be in the shade of the timing trailer when its 99 degrees out? Do we have a sweet gig for you! The timing operator enters car numbers and cone penalties in the timing server and watches for accurate times to catch discrepancies. There can be times of stress in this position so those interested would be given plenty of time shadowing an experienced timing worker to see what is involved as well as give it a shot with a backup in place in case of problems.

Can you write fast (but still legible!)? Do you want to be in the shade of the timing trailer when its 99 degrees out? Do we have a sweet gig for you! The auditor does exactly what the name implies, creates a hand written backup copy of times as cars come across the line. If there is ever an issue with the timing equipment their logs become a second point of reference to allow the Timing computer operator to compare. Again, there can be times of stress in this role, just being honest.

At the end of the day it takes a LOT of people to make CCR autocross events happen. Thank you for considering helping make them even better!


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