2018 Board of Directors Electoral Nominations Process

There will be three seats on the board of directors that are up for reelection at the end of their three year term ending December 31st, 2018. Those positions are currently held by Brian Gause (RE), Chris Graham (Competition Chair) and Nancy Peck (Membership, Timing Chief).  Nomination of a candidate for office can be made by any active member in good standing. Nominations must be made in writing (nomination form available), contain a second and the signed consent of the nominee. The completed nomination must be submitted to and received by the region Secretary no later than September 1, 2018. The offices held by the incumbents are not part of the election process. The BOD office holders are selected by the seated board of directors at the beginning of each calendar year. The incumbents reaching the end of their elected term will declare their intent to pursue re-election no later than August 18th.