2017 Awards Banquet Preparation

Attention all CCR Members! As we quickly approach the end of the 2017 season plans are already underway for the end of year banquet. The board could use the members help in a few key areas. First and foremost we need a venue that can accommodate the board open forum and awards banquet. We are pursuing a few ideas but if you have a great site in mind now is the time to pass that information along. Secondly, we need nominations for awards! See below for the clubs annual awards. Any member in good standing is eligible. Please contact me thru email by December 5 for either. jason at ccrscca dot com.

Alton Long Award: Outstanding contribution to CCRSCCA during a extended period.

Marion Baird: Annual Service.

Driver of the year: Club Racing, SOLO, Time Trials.

Jim Fitzgerald: Road Racing Driver award, nominations are to be directed to the CCR Secretary and board for forwarding to the selection committee.

Special Awards: For excellence in club activities, also includes sponsor awards.

Worker of the year: Can be- Road Race, Time Trials, SOLO and logistical region support.